2024 March 31: The Four Reflections, part 2

Taught by Lama Linda

Sunday, Mar 31 from 2:00-3:30 pm

Lama Linda, aka Lama Chodron

Videos of the teaching, posted April 2024
The Four Reflections | Lama Linda | Part 1: on YouTube Part 2: on YouTube | Suggested Practice (PDF) | Recommended readings and texts used during the workshop

In part 1, we considered the first two of the four reflections: the opportunities of a fortunate human rebirth and the reality of impermanence. In part 2 we will consider the third and fourth thoughts: karma and remembering the suffering of samsara, which is the state of not being fully awake to the true nature of our experience.

The four thoughts or four reflections are the starting point and most essential component of all Buddhist practice. Without keeping them in mind, our practice can’t fully take root. We’ll explore and chant two different expressions of the four thoughts: one composed by the Ninth Karmapa in 16th century Tibet as the first four practices of the Kagyu Ngöndro or preliminaries, the other composed several years ago by the current Mingyur Rinpoche as the first contemplations in his “Nectar of the Path” liturgy. We’ll also talk about how to bring them to life in our own words, how to incorporate them into our practice on and off the cushion, and some resources for deeper study. Scroll down for recommended readings and texts we will use during the workshop.

Lama Linda will teach via zoom. You can join us at Ekoji to listen and watch together, or attend via zoom (scroll down for link).

Our resident teacher is Lama Chödron, also known as Lama Linda. Lama Linda’s formal practice in the Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism began in 1980. She served as resident instructor at Kagyu Samten Chöling in New Hampshire from 2000-2007, and completed the traditional three-year retreat at PTC in 2011. At PTC, she has served on the teaching staff and as an assistant in the three-year retreat. Besides PST, she teaches at other centers, including Palpung Drupchu Chodzong, in Washington, DC.  

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Recommended reading and texts (3 PDFs)

Recommended Reading on Four Reflections
Nectar of the Path: the four thoughts
Ngondro Four Thoughts prose and verse