2024 July 28 | Lama Linda | Finding Ease through Meditation, part 2

Taught by Lama Linda

Sunday, July 28, from 2:00-3:30 pm

Part 1 on YouTube | Part II (to be posted after July 28)

We will continue our series of workshops with Lama Linda over the summer with a series of informal, freestanding topics with lots of time for questions and interactions.

Beyond the small amount of effort required to settle into formal meditation, it shouldn’t feel like work, and relaxation is just as important as awareness. 

How to connect with a sense of relaxation and ease in meditation, both on and off the cushion? Lama Linda will share some advice and techniques for relaxing within awareness, and welcomes insights from participants, as well as questions and sharing on other dharma topics. We’ll do a series of short meditation sessions as part of the workshop. Lama Linda will teach via zoom. You can join us at Ekoji to listen and watch together, or attend via zoom (scroll down for link).

Our resident teacher is Lama Chödron, also known as Lama Linda. Lama Linda’s formal practice in the Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism began in 1980. She served as resident instructor at Kagyu Samten Chöling in New Hampshire from 2000-2007, and completed the traditional three-year retreat at PTC in 2011. At PTC, she has served on the teaching staff and as an assistant in the three-year retreat. Besides PST, she teaches at other centers, including Palpung Drupchu Chodzong, in Washington, DC.  

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